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This will change your life.

What is a "free thinker"? Although it sounds non-committal and vague, there's a lot more to this concept than simply thinking freely.

Free thinking, or 'Freethought' is an epistemological viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed only on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma. I've found this way of thinking to be incredibly freeing. I once considered myself conservative and admittedly, plenty of people still see me as the "transphobic conservative bigot!" Hell, some idiots are still peddling lies that I'm a creationist. Anyway, my recent transition from conservative to free thinker has been a trip.

I've received a ton of support from fans which has been fantastic. I'm so appreciative to have followers willing to accept that people evolve, people change, and if I still held the same opinions I held when I was 19 there'd be a problem. On the flip side, I've arguably received more blow-back from far-right fans (or former fans at this point), which has only made me even more confident in my decision to pull away from the right. I'm realizing just how fucking stupid elements of the left and the right can be. Both the left and right are full of easily offended little bitches with bad arguments. I know it looks like I'm patting myself on the back and that's because I kinda am.

I prefer to form my opinions on factual evidence. A lot of right wingers claim to do this but when push comes to shove, they cling to party lines, refusing to even listen to challenging arguments from the other side. The whole "facts over feelings" facade is basically a cheesy talking point the right repeats a lot. That's it. Most right-wingers don't actually practice the "facts don't care about your feelings" catechism. Multiple conservative commentators have berated me for abandoning party lines because people subscribe for "conservative talking points." I'm sorry to disappoint, but I care far too much about truth.

The biggest example of how I've deviated from traditional conservative thought, is that of gender being separate from sex. This is a fact. Sex and gender have historically different definitions and they are recognized differently by authoritative institutions.

Gender simply means the social expectations we place on people based on their sexual characteristics. According to Stanford, It is essential to grasp the sex/gender distinction and to use the relevant terms accurately. For example: A conference on “Sex Differences in Pain“ would address biological determinants of pain perception between women and men. A conference on “Gender Differences in Pain“ would address socio-cultural assumptions about how women and men experience pain differently (Fishman et al., 1999).

Because I was born with a penis, there are social expectations placed on me. We socially constructed the expectation that men wear suits and women wear dresses. That isn't biological. Even moreso, look how gendered expectations have changed over time. In the early 20th century, women had a completely different expectation placed on them due to the fact they had a vagina. Back in the 15th century, men wore high heels despite the shoe style being primarily seen as feminine today. Gender roles historically have been closely related to sex, such as the expectation for men to do manual labor. This does not mean, however, that people should be limited to their prescribed gender roles. Gender and sex are often correlated, but they are not intrinsic to each other. Maybe this makes me a "liberal" - I don't give a shit. I don't care what you label me, show me compelling data to change my opinion.

Another example of the right refusing to listen to factual data, is when it comes to the subject of vaccines. Surprisingly, many conservatives still peddle lies that vaccines cause autism. This myth came from a study done in the early 90’s by a doctor named Andrew Wakefield. This study claimed that vaccines increased the chance of a child developing autism. Keep in mind that this study only included 12 children, yet has become a major talking point for anti-vaxxers everywhere. According to business insider, Wakefield's research on autism and vaccines has been discredited. His main paper on the subject has been retracted, and other studies examining nearly 100,000 kids has found no link between autism and vaccines. This is data. This is medical research which has discredited this myth, along with countless other stupid anti-vaxxer lies.

Finally, when it comes to the legalization of marijuana, the right ignores the facts - again! Weed is much healthier than alcohol. Alcohol kills roughly 80-90,000 people a year while there are virtually no reported deaths caused by marijuana use on its own. On top of the countless health benefits of marijuana use, pharmaceutical companies are already using active ingredients found in cannabis to treat seizures. Finally, data has shown that states which legalize marijuana have a stark decrease in opioid prescriptions and overdoses.

A lot of people would call me a liberal at this point. However I'm also pro-life and I fully believe in gun rights, freedom of speech, and immigration laws. Maybe I'm a conservative now! I don't fit into a box because both sides are obsessed with dogmatically peddling their own viewpoints regardless of what the facts say. I prefer to follow the data regardless of whether it's "right" or "left." The right cherry picks facts to weakly hold up their house of cards, and the left is too caught up in invoking an emotional response rather than a logical one.

Becoming a free thinker has been incredibly freeing. I'm finally able to read and promote data driven talking points regardless of political side or affiliation. I'd rather be a cheerleader for a genuine facts over feelings mindset, rather than a cheerleader for a political side that lies about caring about facts.

This is my invitation to you: stop worrying if the factual data you're being given is "right" or "left" and instead focus on whether or not it's TRUE. I created my online persona to share my honest and genuine opinion and if I refuse to acknowledge data that previously contradicted some of my viewpoints, I'd not only be a hypocritical cuck, my channel would lose all meaning.

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