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Nick Fuentes is a Degenerate

How does spending 10 hours with a catboy help win the culture war?

By now you've heard of Nick Fuentes; the notorious white nationalist who touts Jewish conspiracies and defunct race science all under the guise of "paleo-conservatism." Or is it "Christian Nationalism"? I don't know. These Neo-Nazi dumb fucks go by a lot of different names but they all believe the same thing. Apparently it's not good for optics to call yourself a Neo-Nazi so you have to make up some gay labels to hide behind.

Regardless of what you want to call him, Fuentes has cultivated an army of hyper traditional conservatives called "groypers," who, at the direction of Fuentes, will quickly label any break from traditionalism as "degenerate." This degeneracy includes things like gay marriage, the existence of transgender people, interracial marriages, and, for a lot of them, the natural and healthy integration of non-white immigrants in the country. You'd be surprised how many of these people claim to put America first, and in the next breath, reject the integration of immigrants, which has been proven to greatly contribute to the American economy.

The push for hyper traditionalism comes largely from Fuentes' insistence that conservatism only means conserving his perception of original American ideals and morals. This neanderthal ignores the fact that America was founded on ideas from the enlightenment: liberty, progress, toleration, and reason being the primary source of knowledge.

Despite Nick Fuentes' push for traditionalism and his condemnation of the "degenerates", it appears Fuentes isn't so innocent himself. A video was recently released showing Fuentes spending a 10 hour long date with a "catboy" (yes you read that correctly). A catboy is a feminine boy who wears cat ears to be promiscuous. I know, I couldn't believe it either.

Apparently, this catboy flew out to spend some time with Fuentes. By the looks of the video, they had a really cute date also. They even allegedly slept under the same roof - cameras were off for that though. Seriously, it made me glad to see Fuentes so happy, embracing his inner degeneracy.

Here you can see a beautiful picture of this catboy posing with a massive black dildo while wearing feminine clothes. That doesn't look very traditional! Yikes. The irony of this situation is of course, hilarious. What's even funnier, is that Nick's little groyper followers are coping so hard; their lord and savior has fallen. I'm not sure they can even blame the Jews for this one.

Pepperidge Farm remembers when Nick's little groyper army attacked Michael Knowles for posing with a "degenerate" Trump supporting drag queen. Now Nick turns around and goes on a little honeymoon with a dildo sucking cat boy!

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