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Kaitlin Bennett is an Idiot

Updated: Mar 12

Kaitlin Bennett is a right wing provocateur who rose to prominence a few years ago by taking classless graduation photos holding a gun on her campus. I'm a big supporter of the second amendment, but what accompanies that right includes being responsible with your weapons - something Bennett most certainly is not. More recently, she's gained notoriety for spreading false information, engaging in cheap gotcha tactics, and making all right-wingers look like total retards.

How anyone takes this brainless bimbo seriously is beyond me, but her associated channel, Liberty Hangout, has over 400,000 subscribers - many of whom are thirsty simps. Regardless of her popularity, Kaitlin Bennett is a total idiot and the internet is quickly catching on. Some have called me a hypocrite for taking issue with Bennett's tactics. Although I am often inflammatory as well, I do so with the sole purpose of starting conversations and engaging in good faith debates, while Bennett acts inflammatory for the sake of just being inflammatory. I highly recommend you watch my video above for a more detailed analysis of Bennett's awful approach and how she's nothing more than a gotcha artist with bad arguments.

Liberty Hangout attempted to respond to this video on twitter, however all they did was call me gay (yes, really!) and post a deceptively edited video to make it appear I was slandering right-wingers and Christians, when that was simply not the case. But then again, when has Bennett cared about honesty?

Besides their weak ass response, even more hypocrisies have come to light. Bennett's claim to be for "liberty" is a total sham built on a heap of lies. Kaitlin Bennett works with a channel called Liberty Hangout - a YouTube and Twitter account run by her simp fiance. Again, this channel claims to be all about liberty, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Not only does Bennett and her associated Liberty Hangout brand reject people's individual liberty to identify how they please, but they've flat out admitted that this liberty thing is nothing but a facade.

This tweet was posted only a few hours ago, and if it's not obvious enough, Liberty Hangout doesn't stand for true liberty at all. They're just a couple of cucks who, like my video said, only want to trigger people rather than form good faith arguments.

And who can forget this gem? A tweet made a few years ago before it was quickly deleted.

So there you have it, not only is Bennett a liar who spews more shit out of her mouth than her drunk ass at a frat party, but the organization that spring-boarded her pathetic tactics is also a sham company designed to infiltrate the concept of liberty and flood it with far right, trad-con bullshit.

Really, it's almost sad.

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