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EXPOSED: TPUSA'S Joel Patrick is a FRAUD (with proof)

I thought about making a video on this, but Joel Patrick just isn't relevant enough. Joel Patrick is a conservative Instagram star with over 250,000 followers. He's also a huge grifter and a complete liar who's only goal is to gain more followers, even if it requires deceiving his own loyal following. I can prove it.

As many of you know, I've been in some hot water lately because of my extremely "hot take" that big tech conservative censorship is a myth and a victim mentality. This recently sparked some controversy with Joel Patrick when he was suggesting that Instagram removing a video he posted of a person getting shot was somehow "conservative censorship." I was quick to call Joel out on his asinine claim regarding a video of people being killed and conservative censorship.

I challenged him to a debate, where besides ruining his reputation by behaving like a complete child, he dished out the most common "arguments" conservatives cite to backup their claims of censorship. He was quick to cite project Veritas' recent video which allegedly exposed Google's attempt at censoring conservatives. However according to the libertarian think tank, Cato Institute, O'Keefe's claims are misleading at best. O'Keefe's google whisleblower espoused multiple conspiracy theories on his twitter, and his claims were completely contradictory to how google has been found to operate. Even moreso, O'Keefe has been exposed for blatantly faking footage repeatedly, only being exposed by people who suspected his smarmy intent who took measures to document all of their conversations. In 2010, O'Keefe plead guilty to entering government property under false pretense. In 2013 O'Keefe paid $100,000 to an ACORN employee he smeared with his deceptive editing tactics. And in 2014, O'Keefe was again exposed for deceptively editing footage after Josh Fox, the man O'Keefe was attempting to expose, recorded his end of the conversation.

So besides citing a liar, Joel had very few arguments besides calling me fat a few times after he was given data he couldn't refute. He also continuously used anecdotal data with no statistical backing. Luckily for Joel, claims without documentation and backing don't really hold up. If they did, I would be able to tell you with surety that Joel Patrick was kicked out of Cedarville University for harassment and stalking, as claimed by one of his former classmates.

If conservatives ARE being censored, why has data gathered by Newswhip found that right-wing pages outperform liberal pages on every social media platform?

According to Zach Graves - the head of policy at right leaning 'Lincoln Network', conservatives need to stop crying wolf about censorship.

As you can see from the data, right-wing news performs very similar to left wing news, and is based on nonpartisan algorithmic systems that became common in the 90's - not some kind of political bias.

So we've examined Joel's claims and he's either lying or stupid. I prefer to debate these issues because I care about truth and I care about what the data says. Joel has made it clear he believes if I take a different stand on an issue such as censorship, I am a traitor to "conservatism". (Good thing I'm a free thinker so I don't have to put up with this nonsense!) Joel does not care about truth. He's a grifter who is only in it for the fame, and I can prove it.

Joel gets in frequent Instagram beef. He's always fighting with someone, but I recently received some leaked screenshots revealing that Joel fakes the drama in order to gain followers. Again, this only adds further credence to my claims that Joel doesn't care about truth. He cares about being popular, and if he needs to lie, cheat, and deceive his followers to achieve it, he will.

Recently Joel was fighting with another Instagram user, nefarious far right provocateur, Jesse Ryan.

As you can see from the first screenshot, Joel was telling people Jesse Ryan had called him slurs. However the next screenshot reveals Joel Patrick in Jesse Ryan's DMs, setting up the fight in order to gain followers. Joel even sent Ryan a photo of himself for Ryan to post and mock, in hopes of gaining Joel more popularity.

Funny how when your page is doing well, it's just "over-riding censorship." It's almost like Joel doesn't know what he's talking about, and he only has a deep seated feeling that big tech is censoring conservatives because Steven Crowder said so.

And as far as the obvious, faking beef just adds further credence to my claims that Joel doesn't care about truth. Joel Patrick has no principles, no morals, and no real authenticity. He's fine orchestrating fake Instagram fights and deceiving his hundreds of thousands of followers in order to gain clout. Joel is taking advantage of his followers and blatantly lying in order to continue gaining more followers. Joel is a liar, a fraud, and a major hypocrite. If he's lying about this, what else is he lying about? Even moreso, how far is Joel Patrick willing to go in order to gain followers?

Below you can watch a portion of our live debate where Joel refuses to cite any data, resorts to name calling, and later lies that he was just "trolling." He later issued an "apology" before going on another livestream 10 minutes later to only further shit talk me and brag about the childish insults he had JUST "apologized" for.

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