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We're trying to reach a $2,000 goal to pay one time expenses for buying a home. If we reach the goal, I will produce an entire Liberal Kid short film!

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Welcome to the official site for Hunter Avallone. I'm a free thinking 23 year old straight, cis, white male with over 600,000 subscribers and nearly 100M views. Being a free thinker means I don't fit into a box. My beliefs and opinions range all over the political spectrum - I'm just too brilliant to be confined to one side!

I'm pro LGBT, anti-abortion, pro second amendment, pro free speech, anti-political correctness, pro immigration, pro marijuana legalization, agnostic, and I'm here to offend you. 

Oh yeah, fuck neo-nazi bitches who hide behind labels like "Christian nationalist" and "paleo-conservative". And fuck stuck up liberals who are too busy trying to cancel some random twitter user who used the N word in 1996 instead of trying to make the world a better place. 

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